Shannon Winter is a career woman’s natural access to well being.  It is a well known fact that as women age; vitality, health, and appearance are of paramount importance. At a time when women are experiencing business success, a maturing family, and more time to focus on self, the realities of aging hit hard.  Women become susceptible to passing wellness and beauty fads and some consider invasive remedies.  Shannon uses her many years of salon experience to skillfully facilitate unique techniques for reclaiming and maintaining her client’s health and youthful appearance. Her approach to natural wellness capitalizes on a platform of clean living and accentuating a woman’s best features to let them shine.

Shannon has been a licensed make-up artist for over 17 years.  She is a licensed Cosmetologist having studied with Joe Blasco at his renowned school for make up and has completed advanced studies on skin care.  Shannon’s many talents have taken her around the world including serving as a make-up artist in London’s Fashion Week. Here in the states, Shannon practiced her craft at Universal Studios in Florida and locally for Philadelphia Magazine, CN8 and Philadelphia Style where she was retained as “in house” make-up artist. Shannon currently works with a plethora of top photographers and is a spokes person for the Cancer Foundation for Personal Wellness.  Shannon grew up with a professional chef for a mom and has been cooking since age 11.

Her expertise includes an exciting new technique to add volume and depth to eye lashes. Eyelash Extensions are currently on Hollywood A-lister’s like Paris Hilton and Terri Hatcher. Shannon was featured on Fox News highlighting her cutting edge work and people in the Philadelphia area are scrambling to get an appointment with Shannon for this service.  Each client chooses the look they want; from bare bones natural to the over dramatic. Extensions are applied to each individual lash and are made in a variety of colors and lengths. Shannon is fanatical about the quality of her service and selected a premium lash product after conducting extensive research on suppliers. Shannon may very well be this region’s resident expert on extension application and is responsible for making this exclusive service more readily available along the upper east coast. Shannon is the region’s foremost eyelash extension trainer and provides certification for qualified technicians in top salons locally and with graduates in Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C. and Ohio.

The response to lash extensions is overwhelming from clients who rely on Shannon’s diverse set of holistic women’s services for their many needs including skin care, makeup artistry and even nutrition and fitness.  Shannon says, “How we treat our bodies shows in our face and on our skin.”  She is certified by Penn Foster College in Sports Fitness and Nutrition focusing on beauty from the inside out. Shannon’s clients really appreciate her knowledge which allows her to impact their physical well being as well as their appearance.  Shannon’s many talents have led her to multiple outlets for her work all over the east coast.  Her home base is a quaint studio in the heart of Philadelphia’s Italian Market. The Sacred Space, as it’s called, embraces clients in an aura of serenity for mind, body, & spirit.  As a Reiki practitioner and licensed Hypnotherapist, Shannon is completely in tune with her environment and promotes a relaxing and holistic experience in her studio. She believes in karma and in being a contribution on this earth.

Shannon uses her skin care and beauty enhancement talents to promote the healthy recovery and self esteem of cancer patients.  Her support of women recovering from cancer speaks volumes about the capacity of Shannon’s heart.  She is an advocate for renewed vitality and restored beauty after this devastating battle.  Shannon’s mission is to provide these women with the tools and knowledge to restore a healthy glow to their skin by working within an entirely new palate of colors complimentary to post cancer skin tone and condition.  Bringing it all together for clients is Shannon’s mission.  Vitality, health and natural beauty abound with this local asset.